Features Overview

Four players battle together with the music to rack up the biggest score they can during the length of one track. Most rhythm games punish players for being off rhythm. AntiPhase is a new type of rhythm game, where those who stay on
beat are rewarded with big scores and bigger bonuses. AntiPhase encourages players to stay in sync to get the biggest score which means easily players get lost in flow of the game. By allowing the music and colours and carnage to wash over them, players create the flow for themselves, creating a more rewarding and more engaging experience for everyone involved.

The Music

The soundtrack for the game has been composed by GAMarshall Music, one of the leading lights of the Yorkshire Music scene, having composed for City of Culture exhibitions such as Bowhead. Let the ambient synthetic sounds draw you into the colourful and eclectic realm of AntiPhase, where you are tasked with keeping on beat and on time to defeat every enemy and rack up the biggest score. 



A big part of playing AntiPhase is choosing your weapons carefully. Do you pick the long range bounce gun? Maybe a shot gun?  Or go radial to keep yourself safe? Not only do you need a short term weapon, but collecting up the remanats of your enemies build up your charge meter to unleash hell with the targeting missiles, sound wave, or radial bounces! 


AntiPhase was originally conceived and developed in 48 hours, but the mechanics and gameplay are still largely the same. Use physics to smash your friends and enemies around the arena. Build up your strength and score to unleash devasting power attacks and see who is the ultimate master of the arena.



The waves are coming for you and they aren't very happy. They use their sound waves weaponry to disrupt your happy day, distorting your vision and ruining your health. If five latch onto you at once I'm afraid it's game over. Keep them at bay using your mad movement skills and your eclectic arsenal of awesome weaponry.