Four players battle in the music to rack up the biggest score they can during the length of one track.

Most rhythm games punish players for being off rhythm. AntiPhase rewards those who stay on beat with big scores and bigger bonuses. AntiPhase encourages players to stay on beat to get the biggest score, meaning players engross themselves in the game.



Using traditional escape the room mechanics, we place the player in a room that randomly generates the puzzles every time they play. Alongside this we’re building an app that allows a friend to “hack in” and help you find puzzles and escape. This friend will also be presented with puzzles to help uncover clues to help the VR player escape. 

Flash Flood!

A 360 walk through of the Flash Flood! valley, with narration by fluvial geomorphologist, Dr Chris Skinner. This is best viewed using a smartphone and the YouTube App. Walk down the hill as the storm builds upstream and the river begins to swell. The flood water picks up debris, which bulldozes its way down the valley destroying everything in its path.

Here There Be Monsters

Become the pirate king! Sail the oceans, battle adversaries, forge alliances, power up your fleet, and defeat the Leviathans of the Sea to fulfil your destiny. This is the opportunity for everyone who has enjoyed seafaring and exploration titles who want to experience a similar feeling, but on a much larger scale with more grandiose set pieces.

Taurus: Reloaded

Taurus was originally built during a 24 hour game jam as a space fighter. It has since be remastered in Unity to seriously improve the graphics and fluidity of the game. Fly in local space, dodging asteroids and shooting down your opponents as they attempt to kill off your team.