Our Work


Our Clients

We work with brand names, educational institutes, and international companies to produce high-end, digital content ranging from large business solutions to small marketing mobile apps. Here is a sample of the companies we've worked with during our time. If you would like to hear more about the work we've done with any of our clients, or about the solutions we could provide for you, feel free to get in touch via our Contact page.

Our Projects


Hospitality VR TOURS - iOS and Android

We've produced 360 VR tours for multiple luxury 5-star hotels around the world, and for historical and culturally significant buildings here in the UK. We produced the 360 images and videos, alongside developing our own bespoke touring system for both Android and iOS. 

Ron Dearing UTC - Virtual Building Tour

Alongside our tours of real place, we also produce digital tours of architectural designs, 3D models, and CAD files. We create videos that allow our clients to show their consumers potential areas of buildings that in construction, as well as showcase ideas to potential customers. 

Yormega - iPod Install.jpg

Yormega Memory Game - iOS and Android App

We work with educational institutes to build engaging, bespoke applications for mobile devices that can be used for research and development. We work with our clients to create solutions to real world problems and then develop those solutions into publishable games and apps that are then used in real world scenarios. You can read more about the Yormega game here.


We work with private sector clients to build bespoke business apps to improve the efficiency of everyday tasks, such as providing a secure way to access internal customer data. We develop innovative solutions to reduce the neccessity of paper or hard copies by creating digital alternatives which are easier, faster, and more productive to use. 

Glorious Soups - GEAR VR APP

We've developed bespoke VR applications for our clients to use as marketing material and event centre pieces to promote new and existing products. Check out this article talking about the Glorious Soups Wellness Shed in London featuring our Gear VR application

Flash Flood - 360 Narrated Tour

We've produced education VR experiences by taking existing data and creating videos and simulations of real world events to help students learn about natural phenomena. In this case, we used real world terrain data to produce a 360 video showing the effect of a flash flood on an area in the UK. This particular project (which includes an interactive Oculus version) has been taken around the country and won awards for its innovation and educational value.


United carpets and Beds - Facebook, AnDroid, and iOS Game

We work with brand name clients to produce engaging games and applications to encourage their customers to engage with the brand. Check out our game for United Carpets and Beds here (also available on iOS and Android)