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BetaJester Ltd was founded in May 2015 by three graduates of the University of Hull. Initially, BetaJester’s focus was of the production and publication of its own games and IP. Through our efforts, we found that the skills we were applying every day to build up our own catalogue, was something that had significant market value to businesses looking to use games and digital experiences to improve their brands and products.

We now apply the skills of our award winning team to help clients around the world solve their problems and make engaging digital experiences.


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Who we are


Co-founder, technical lead

Adam boyne

Adam concentrates on developing the AI and underlying systems within our games and experiences. Alongside his technical work, Adam also spends time representing BetaJester within the wider industry. He is part of the Future Talent 100 and BAFTA Games Crew, and has recently given talks at Develop, UKIE Student Conference, and EGX. He regularly gives talks at universities and events about making the most of your time as a student and starting your own company, alongside mentoring students trying to break into the games industry.


University of Hull
Computer Science with Games Development BSc, 2015



co-founder, fronT-end lead

ryan lay

Before Co-Founding BetaJester Ltd in 2015, Ryan completed his Masters in Computer Science with Games Development at the University of Hull. Focusing largely in physics systems and UX, Ryan took his earlier focus and skill set of Fine Arts and applied it to games and interactive experiences. Through the running of BetaJester Ltd, Ryan has taken the lead in UI/UX development and help to produce easy to use, quality experiences for clients around the world.


University of Hull
Computer Science with Games Development MEng, 2015



co-founder, back-end lead

josh porter

Josh focuses on developing powerful software tools and content, powered by structured back-end systems that enable users and streamline processes. He also has a strong passion for gaming and draws from his years of experience to engage users with gamification techniques. Josh prides himself on his quick decision making and effective use of skills he's learnt to develop and power high quality end products for clients.


University of Hull
Computer Science with Games Development, 2015