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Creating engaging digital experiences since 2015

Based in York, BetaJester develops immersive and interactive digital experiences across games, marketing, advertising and research. Whether you are looking for experts in VR location capture and content creation, game creation for all leading platforms, ways to use games for marketing, or using gamification for research, heritage, or to improve your products, we have the expertise to help you.


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York Hub, Popeshead Court Offices, peter lane, york, YO1 8SU


+44 7806 751457

what we make

Our Expertise

Game development

Whether you’re a company looking to outsource game development, or a business interested in using games to market there brand/product, we can help you. We have years of experience making and releasing our own games and helping other clients get there games to market.

360 content capture and creation

We’ve captured 360 content around the world for leading hotel brands and for sites looking to document restoration and construction. If you need to market locations that are not yet complete, we can put your clients inside architectural reconstructions in VR, on the web, or in 360 videos.

virtual reality and xr experiences

Immersive experiences are what we founded ourselves on being able to deliver. There is nothing more immersive than putting your clients inside your digital experiences. We have years of expertise across all aspects of VR and AR and routinely develop experiences across games, marketing, and training.


Interactive Marketing

If you’re looking to use gamification to help market or advertise your business or products, we can help you. We’ve worked with several clients ranging from name brands to startups to help them engage with there clients through interactive experiences.

App development

We have extensive experience in the creation of apps for sales, marketing experiences, business applications, and games across all major platforms. Additionally we offer cross platform development out the gate that will make your service available as both web apps and native apps with minimal additional time to get your product to market.

business software

We have a wealth of experience in back end development and have several full-stack developers available to help you. Whether that is database driven cross platform apps, management tools, or sales apps, we’ll be able to help you.