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Robo Basho

Frantic Robot Sumo Wrestling!

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Robo Basho was born from watching people playing one of our prototypes at EGX 2017. People preferred to crash into their friends to using the weapons and super powers we'd built up, so we took the slamming aspect and built a new game that we knew people would enjoy. Our first version was built in a week and shown at GaMaYo#13 to much acclaim. Since then we've been iterating on the core ideals to improve the gameplay ready for new events in 2018. The game is being prepared for all markets, with an eye towards consoles in particular. We really want to encourage the pick-up-and-play aspect that games like Gang Beasts, Mario Kart and Starwhal do so well. We want this to be the game you break out at parties because it is easy to understand so everyone can jump in, but there is a skill and mastery to it that comes from experience and playtime.



16/11/17 - GaMaYo #13

12/04/18 - EGX Rezzed

03/05/18 - GaMaYo #14



As any sumo wrestler knows, your three key skills are your speed, strength, and your ability to control the arena. In Robo Basho, you have the same three abilities:

Boost into your opponents to smash them out of the arena

Counter your opponents to bounce back their attacks

Slam the ground to push all your opponents back


Robo Basho is built on the idea of making a traditional fighting arcade game, but boiled down to make it more accessible to all. Using realistic physics, push your opponents around while different arenas ranging from traditional sumo stadiums to outside training areas. Mix it up with various game modes including King of the Hill, Avoid the Laser, and Collapsing Arena, to name a few.


AI Opponents

Got no mates? Play against bots! We have developed an artificial opponent to challenge even the most competitive players. Take on different levels of difficulty, as well different personalities. Fight against brawlers, pacifists and defensive player from the comfort of your own home.